Copper and phosphorus alloy

Copper and phosphorus alloy
This copper-phosphorus alloy, thanks to a particular production process, guarantees safe brazing without splashes and annoying sparkles.
Even when overheated, the alloy does not boil, flows smoothly and wets the surfaces to be brazed. The result is a cleaner joint, free of porosity and has better mechanical characteristics and pressure tightness.


Copper and phosphorus alloys are fitted for the grazing of copper and, with the utilization of flux, also of its alloys (brass, bronze)


This alloy respects, in its chemical composition, the characteristics required by current regulations. It does not contain Cadmium or Lead and therefore is compliant with the European Standard RoHS (2011/65/EC) and it has no limitations of use in its applications.



1,5 x 500 mm.
2 x 500 mm.
3 x 500 mm.