Elantas Europe

MAFEL srl manages the sales and distribution agency of Elantas Europe.
Elantas Europe Srl is a company of the Altana Chemie Group.

ELANTAS Europe Srl, member of the ALTANA group, produces liquid insulating materials for the electrical industry. These products are used in motors, generators and transformers, e.g. in the household appliance industry, wind power plants and automotive engine production.

Solutions from ELANTAS

Elantas’ range of products covers epoxy and unsaturated polyesters/polyesters-imides-based impregnation resins and varnishes. This ensures that our supplies are independent and guarantees excellent results.

Whether the product is monomer-free, has minimal drip losses, or is highly reactive or flexible – We offer secondary insulation materials for all kinds of needs with our tradenames Dobeckan®, Epoxylite®, Elmotherm® and Aquanel® for:

  • immersion
  • hot immersion with/without UV support during cooking/curing
  • vacuum impregnation
  • vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI)


Innovation as a tradition

Our stated goal is to deliver products that make tomorrow’s technology more reliable, sustainable and safe – even today.

Thanks to a very close collaboration with customers, the solutions are not limited to impregnation materials, but also include all their productions and applications.

Innovation is geared towards customer demands, so we measure our progress through customer satisfaction.

Research and development

ELANTAS worldwide is oriented towards research and laboratory application. Thanks to close contact with our customers and many years of experience as a leading supplier of secondary insulation material, many of our products have become a reference for the industry.

Application and consulting service

The commercial and laboratory experts are able to provide all the necessary information in a thorough manner about both the selection of the product and its use.

We are convinced that this is the best method as qualified consulting and excellent products will contribute to the improvement of reliability, durability and safety of your products.

The laboratory is equipped with the most advanced tools, for all applications of paints and resins that can be made in industrial conditions.