About Us

MAFEL srl can be the ideal partner for those who need, in addition to professionalism, a knowledge of the entire supply chain, which determines the choice of products, insulation systems and application technologies.

Our company operates nationally and abroad with flexibility and speed.


  • Representatives of leading electromechanical companies.
  • Quality and advanced products, certified, approved according to international standards UL, CSA, VDE, NEMA, MIL, IEC, IMQ.
  • Wide range of products and materials available in stock.
  • Fast and punctual deliveries with selected couriers.
  • Technical assistance and custom manufacturing of insulating materials.
  • Sales and repair service of electromechanical instruments and equipment.

MAFEL srl operates in the electromechanical sector since more than 30 years, having as its primary objective the satisfaction of market demands in terms of product quality and service levels. Our corporate mission, during all the years of our activity, has been to collaborate with leading companies in the market in order to transfer to our customers all the advantages that can derive from long-term collaborations, with partners that are synonymous with quality, efficiency and professionalism.
Among our flagship products you will find:

  • Enamelled Copper Wire for Windings
  • Enamelled Copper Wire for Inverter Power Supply
  • Self Bonding Enamelled Copper Wire
  • Electrical Cables for High Temperatures
  • Insulating Tubes for UL Wiring
  • UL Fiberglass Tubes
  • UL Insulating Films and Laminates
  • Materials For UL Windings
  • Insulating Papers for UL Motor
  • Anticondensation heaters for electrical machines
  • Insulating Papers for UL Transformers
  • Cords for Fastenings in Electric Motors
  • Electric Ovens and Impregnation Tanks
  • UL Dielectric Adhesive Tapes
  • Winding Tapes
  • Dielectric / Laminated Insulators
  • Insulating Coatings and Resins
  • Tin and Alloys
  • Spare parts for electromechanics
  • Fans, Fan covers, Terminal Board Covers
  • Terminal Blocks for Electric Motors
  • Capacitors for Electric Motors
  • Cable Lugs, Connectors, Tube Terminals
  • Processing of Dielectric and Laminated Insulators
  • Beech and fibreglass slats
  • Bimetallic and PTC Thermal Protectors
  • Mechanical Seals for Electric Pumps
  • Accessories
  • Equipment & Tools