ZML Industries

MAFEL SRL, making use of the experience and knowledge acquired in over thirty years in the electromechanical sector, electric motors, transformers, electric pumps etc. takes care of the sales and distribution agency of ZML INDUSTRIES SPA – COPPER WIRE.

ZML Industries Spa – CopperWire is a manufacturer of enamelled copper wire with over forty years’ experience. The experience gained allows ZML to present itself on the European market as a leading company in the supply of enamelled copper wire for the domestic appliance, automotive and electromechanical industries.

ZML Copper Wire cooperates with the customer starting from the definition of the technical specifications of the product in order to obtain the best performance and full satisfaction in the process of use.

The ZML Group consists of three divisions:

The ENAMELLED COPPER WIREDRAWING DIVISION (ZML Industries Spa- CopperWire) is able to meet the needs of its customers through a close collaboration with the producers of the raw material, looking for the improvement of the mechanical characteristics of the bare conductor. ZML COPPERWIRE produces enamelled aluminium wire as well as enamelled copper wire.

The companies carry out their production activities in accordance with DIN and ASTM standards, as well as being certified to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.
In particular, ZML INDUSTRIES, operating in the automotive sector, is also certified to UNI EN ISO TS.

The ZML Industries Spa production of enamelled copper wire Z TERM 200 and of the enamelled aluminium wire is UL Magnet Wire Component approved.
The ZML Copper Wire production department consists of horizontal and vertical enameling furnaces. All the plants are equipped with tandem dies; the careful attention during the drawing phase is the basis for the ideal application of paints in order to achieve the characteristics required by modern winding machines.

The enamelling lines of ZML COPPER WIRE are all equipped with an automatic system for the control, during the process, of the electrical characteristics and the correct winding. The technological level reached allows to have dedicated lines for specific products such as self bonding, polyurethane and imidic polyesters among which the ZTERM200GL specific for hermetic compressors, of which ZML COPPER WIRE is the largest producer in Europe.