Lead free 100Ni+ SOLDERING BARS

Lead free 100Ni+ Soldering Bars

The lead-free alloys Sn100NG and Sn99NG are made of tin, copper and small amounts of nickel and germanium with low levels of silver.
This composition combines the excellent wettability of the tin-silver alloy with the low cost typical of the tin-copper alloy. The welding performances correspond to those obtained with alloys with a high silver content and guarantee regular and shiny joints.

  • Reduced impurities
  • No formation of tin-whiskers
  • Excellent wettability
  • Resistance to thermal cycles
  • Excellent mechanical resistance
  • Low intermetallic growth
  • High performances in selective welding
  • Reduced slag formation due to Germanium (Ge) content

Melting temperature: 227°C

Approx. weight: 500g
Dimensions: 180 x 30 x 15 mm
20 Kg cartons