Sn Lead free 100Ni+ (Wire)

Sn Lead free 100Ni+ (wire)


Cored wire for manual welding in electrical, electromechanical and conditionally in electronics. The flux is characterized by its resistance to high temperatures and does not splash during the welding process. The excellent wettability make this type of lead-free cored wire a top quality product among welding wires.
The Sn100Ni+ alloy significantly improves welding performance. The service life of the soldering iron tips will be considerably extended. The weld joints show the recognized gloss in the lead welding technique.


Alloy composition: Sn99,3CuNiGe ( made of Sn99,3Cu0,7)
Melting fusion: 227° eutectic
Flux content: 2,2% standard
Halide content: 1,0%
Available diameters: 0,50 - 1,00 - 1,50 - 2,00 - 3,00
Available spools: 0,50 - 1,00 - 2,50


Flux residues do not cause corrosion even in contact with non-ferrous metals, for this reason they can remain on the soldering joint. In the electronic welding process, however, the removal of residues with standard alkaline-based solvents is recommended.