KAPTON® HN – Thermal Class C 220°C


The polyimide film DuPont™ Kapton® HN is made from the polycondensation of an aromatic tetrabasic acid and an aromatic diamine; the resulting structure gives the material excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties in applications at temperatures as low as -269°C(-452°F) and as high as 400°C (752°F).


Working temperature: 220°C (IEC 60626) – C dielectric class limit
Range of temperature: from - 269°C a + 400°C


Insulating paper suitable for transformers insulation, it can be used into the motor’s slots, printed circuit board, and in all those electrical applications that require: excellent electric insulation – excellent mechanical resistance – excellent thermal resistance.


Availability: Rolls 910 mm in width , slit rolls starting from mm 6 in height, inner diameter 76 mm; the material can be cut, shaped and die-cut according to requirements or customer's design.


Color: Amber


Processing are carried out both on insulating papers normally available in stock, and on other insulation papers on customer request.
Any type of insulating paper can be supplied as follows:
- Whole original rolls or unpacked rolls
- Rolls cut to the width required by the customer
- Edged rolls
- Fringed rolls
- Customized processing is carried out under specific customer request (e.g.: shaped items, die cut...)

Kapton® is a Dupont de Nemours' registered trademark