1680/2 ARAMID CORD (Kevlar®) Thermal Class C 220°C

1680/2 Aramid Cord (Kevlar®)


Twisted cord consisting of continuous filaments of 100% aramid yarn to be used for binding of winding of electric motors in thermal class H (180°) and class C (220°).

Kevlar® (registered trademark DuPont ) is an aramid synthetic fiber with very high tensile strength and high resistance to sharp edges. For the same weight, it is 5 times stronger than steel.



✔ Good stability at high temperatures
✔ Good thermal shock resistance
✔ Good dimensional stability
✔ Good flexibility
✔ Good resistance to chemicals
✔ Excellent mechanical strength
✔ Self-extinguishing



Yarn Nm/dtex: dtex1680
Type: Aramid
Color: Natural, yellow

Diameter: 1,0
Turns first twine: 100 t/m S +/-20
Stroke length: 2800 m/Kg +/-200
Breaking Load: > 600 N
Elongation at break: 3% +/-1
Max. Temperature: 300°C
Melting Point: Very High (500°C)


Packaging: 2800 mt (approx.) spools