HIGH PURITY SOLDERING RODS for electronic (63%Sn – 37%Pb)

(63%Sn – 37%Pb)

High purity soldering rods for electronic.

HGP63137 alloy has been designed to be used in the wave soldering process on printed boards but it is also ideal for other applications in the electronics industry HGP63137is made of eutectic alloy (63%Sn - 37%Pb) according to DIN 1707 (L-Sn 63 Pb)



The welding alloy HGP63137 is produced from extremely pure metals and is subjected to an additional antioxidant treatment.
This treatment removes the oxidation from within the metal and gives the alloy an optimal fluidity and greater resistance to oxidation during welding processes in the molten bath.

- The high purity of this alloy allows to mantain a welding temperature which is lower than the standard and, therefore, less copper pollution and a low thermal shock to the circuits.
- Low welding consumption reduces machine maintenance costs
- Alloy HGP63137 has been specially formulated for surface mounting processes where double wave or vibrate wave is used.

Melting Point: 183°C



HGP63137 alloy is supplied in bars
Aproximate weight: 750g ca.
Dimensions: 350mm x 20mm x 15mm
25Kg boxes