SEP 4 UL SLEEVING – 4 kV – Thermal Class F 155°C

  UL Compliant   UZKX2

Glass fibre braided sleeving with polyurethane varnish

Temperature class: F
Continuous working temperature: from -30°C to +155°C. Peaks at +185°C (few hours)

Dielectric strength: 4 Kv
Drying hardness: 60 Shore A
Halogen free
Flammability: combustible, except the glass fibre
Good mechanical resistance
Good resistance to hydrocarbons
Resistant to transformer oils
Good compatibility with class F impregnation varnishes
Good behaviour with soldering iron
Good behaviour with liquid fuels: no decomposition
Very flexible

Manufactured diameters: from 0,5 to 40 mm
Standard color: light brown
Other colors (usually for diameters up to 20 mm): green, blue, red, black, orange, yellow

Standard packaging:
Diameter 0,5 mm: 400 m
Diameters from 0,8 to 1,5 mm: 300 m
Diameters from 2 to 6 mm: 200 m
Diameters from 7 to 12 mm: 100 m
Diameters from 14 to 20 mm: 50 m
Diameters from 22 to 40 mm: 25 m