Self-amalgamating red tape 

Tis self-amalgamating tape is very easy to use. It can be installed without tools or hot air. It rolls on itself and self-amalgamates by contact. Welding is completed within 24 hours.

Main functions
• Used to join or finish fireproof sleevings mounted on flexible tubes or electrical cables
• Electrical insulation
• Impermeability of electrical connections.
• Protection from corrosion of cables and flexible tubes
• Emergency repair of flexible tubes
• Waterproof joints

Color and packaging
Width: 0,5 mm
Thickness: 0,5 mm
Color: red
Packaging: 11 mt rolls

Technical features
• Continuous working temperature: from -45°C to + 200 °C
• Peak temperature: 260°c
• Elongation: > 500% • Elongation: > 500%
• Dielectrical strength: > 20kV/mm
• Tensile strength: > 1,7 Mpa
• Tear strength: 105 N/mm
• Resistance to flame: good
• Resistance to abrasion: good
• Waterproof to air and water: excellent
• Resistance to UV and ozone: excellent
• Resistance to solvents: good