RADOX® UL / CSA -STYLE 3289 CABLE- Thermal Class F 155°C

Rated voltage: 600 V
Operating temperature: -55° to +150 ºC

UL/CSA STYLE 3289 RADOX® cables withstand very high temperatures. They are compatible with impregnation paints and resins, retard flame propagation and are easy to use in electric machine windings, in household appliances, lighting fixtures and switches.

Unipolar cables whose insulation is cross-linked by irradiation. They withstand high temperatures and pressures, have excellent mechanical properties and good chemical resistance.
Short exposure to temperatures up to 250 ºC does not damage the insulation.
RADOX® UL/CSA products are easy to peel.
RADOX® UL/CSA insulator is compatible with standard impregnation paints and resins.
The typical use is in class B and F motors and transformers, solenoids, control panels and lighting fixtures.


Rated voltage: 600 V
Operating temperature: -55° to +150 ºC
RADOX® insulator cross-linked by irradiation, it does not melt at high temperatures.
Suitable for automated processing
Compact, flexible.
Compatible with paints.