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Epoxylite® 8210 Pasta per equilibratura

Epoxylite® 8210  Pasta per equilibratura

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Epoxylite® 8210 Pasta per equilibratura

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Introduzione Veloce

Epoxylite® 8210 Pasta per equilibratura

Descrizione Prodotto

Two component, cold setting, epoxy putty which cures to give a tough, chemical and moisture resistant Class H compound. Material has excellent bond strength to most substances.


General purpose balancing/sealing putty.
Epoxylite 8210 is employed as a general-purpose gap filling material. The use of the putty can be extended to cable-jointing, repair of cold/hot water pipes and tanks, the infilling, contouring or balancing of parts subject to high levels of vibration, encapsulation of small electrical units-and resin tooling.
It has coefficient of expansion similar to the values for copper and steel. This suits the putty for use in electrical equipment operating down to cryogenic temperatures.
Epoxylite 8210 has a yellow coloured resin and blue coloured hardener. Uniform satisfactory mixing by hand of equal amounts of both parts will produce a uniform green colour.